April 2018 | 6:23

Sickness and Health

George Cloud cared for his chronically ill wife, Esther, from the day they were married in 1964 until she drew her final breath in 2018, never faltering on his commitment to their love.

March 2018 | 3:10

Greensboro Blueberries

A day in the life of Hector Buitrago, a 64 year-old from Colombia, South America, who splits his time between retired living in Atlanta and farming blueberries in Greensboro, Georgia.

May 2017 | 1:53

Classic City Bee

Father and son duo, Scott and Doyle Johnson, work full time jobs as a researcher and lawyer, respectively, but live their passion as beekeepers on the weekend.

April 2017 | 1:49

Bigger Vision

Homelessness in Athens, Georgia, is combatted through Bigger Vision, a winter emergency shelter providing meals, showers and housing to those in need.